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Mr. Men and Little Miss

Mr. Men and Little Miss is a British children’s book franchise created by Roger Hargreaves. The first Mr. Men book, titled Mr. Tickle, was published in 1971, with the last published in 1997. The franchise has sold more than 240 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 35 languages.
The books feature Mr. Men, who are tall, thin men with a unique personality trait or physical feature, and Little Misses, who are their opposite—short and round with the same personality traits as Mr. Men.
The series consists of many short stories about anthropomorphised male and female characters with unique personalities and physical features who each exemplify a different human character trait (e.g., Mr. Grumpy). The stories are written in simple rhyming couplets that follow a predictable pattern of initial consonance (rhyme) followed by final alliteration (consonance). This style of writing made the stories easy to remember and repeat orally.