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This summer, we’re celebrating the music of Bad Bunny.

Un Verano Sin Ti is the fourth solo studio album by Bad Bunny. It was released on May 6, 2022 by Rimas Entertainment. It follows the singer’s previous record El ltimo Tour del Mundo. Although it was released in a late summer, the album is still considered a hit in some circles. Here are some ways to enjoy Un Verano Sin Ti without breaking the bank.

The album is not Bad Bunny’s first heartbreak record, but it’s certainly one of his most grounded. The album takes the listener on a journey of lost love and emptiness through the lush tropical surroundings of the Caribbean. The songs are rich with Spanish gravel, dembow, and thick rain. While the album is ostensibly about a missing person, it’s also about yearning for the past. Un Verano Sin Ti is filled with songs that reflect the Puerto Rican culture.
On tour in support of his new album, the singer will take Un Verano Sin Ti songs on a stadium tour in the United States and South America. This tour is dubbed “The World’s Hottest Tour.”